What do the clothes you were at work say about you?

What do the clothes you were at work say about you?

Nou Koncept believes that your “body image should say who you are without speaking”

“When a person looks good what this really means is that they look authoritative, powerful, rich, responsible, reliable, friendly, masculine or any other trait which is meaningful to us and meets our approval”

It is without question then, if you agree, that your body image should say that you are a person of authority, power or wealth. Or perhaps your body image says you are responsible, reliable or friendly. Either way whatever message you want to send out remember to dress in a way that sends that message across.

What do the clothes you were at work say about you? Are you dressing right for the job that you have or are you dressing to be noticed, for the right job?

JT Molloy, America’s first wardrobe engineer, submitted written questions to top executives or major corporations about the importance of dress.

Here is 8 reasons for the importance of dress at work:

1. You have a much better chance of getting ahead at work if you know how to dress for work
2. Employee dress affects the general tone of the office.
3. Employee dress affects efficiency.
4. Promotion can be held-up for an employee who didn’t dress properly.
5. Companies do turn down people who show up at job interviews improperly dressed on that basis alone.
6. Executives would not take on a young employee as an assistant who didn’t know how to dress.
7. Executives believe there should be a book that explains to a men and women how to dress.
8. Executives believe that there should be a book that tells people especially in business on how to dress.
9. Executives believe Nou Koncept is on track with assisting both men and women in body image (okay no.9 was made up just for laughs)

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Why wear a SUIT?

Why wear a SUIT?

Ever watched the Great Gatsby?

A great movie in all aspects, story, wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe ..okay you see where I am going with this, right?

I just love the wardrobe, and especially suits that Leonardo DiCaprio wore in the movie. Why? One of the reasons, they fit him perfectly!

Notice also how he wears a suit for most of the part of the movie?

What is in a SUIT? Why wear one?

… Well firstly because no successful politician turned up in sweat pants and a daggy t-shirt to give a speech why he or she should be elected – says Nou Koncept

“We are more likely to believe, respect and obey the man who wears a suit”

The suit is the most important garment worn by men, and women on which most people will judge the wearer’s status, character and abilities.

And, since it covers the upper torso, which is the focal point of most people with whom we communicate, it is the central power garment that establishes our position as inferior, equal or superior in any in-person business situation.

Remember that in any level of society, suits are associated with authority, position or power. Suits are positive authority symbols!

Buying a suit should be a serious and thoughtful endeavor and not a casual fifteen minutes splurge.

Factors to consider about a suit purchase: color, pattern, texture, weight, material and style.

Remember also that every body type is built different so your choice of suit investment may vary from off the rack, made to measure or custom fit.

If it’s off the rack, remember to dress your best when you go shopping. The level of service you receive will be determined by your own body image. Store clerks will judge or treat you according to the clothes you are wearing.

Otherwise, if you are investing in made to measure or custom fit, the tailor is your consultant for color, pattern, texture, weight, material and style.

A few tips when investing a lot of money in suit or first time purchase:

Choose fabric that will last you 7-8 years.
Choose a traditional and conservative design over texture or trends
Choose your suit from a reliable dealer -JT Molloy

Kapesa Singogo Smith Chatterjee
Nou Koncept, Founder

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