Personal and Corporate Stylist and Make Up Consultant

“Your body image and style should say who you are without speaking.”  At NOU KONCEPT – Stylist : Make up : Lifestyle Services we understand the importance of discovering your authentic and unique brand and offer image consultation and lifestyle solutions that work at any age, budget and lifestyle.

Questions to help you identify what service suits your needs:

Individuals Are you a recent graduate in need to develop a professional image? Are you currently working and need to update your professional image? Would you like to dress for success or learn how to improve on your image to make a good first impression?

Do you have trouble putting together the right clothes to wear?
Do you need assistance achieving a simple daily make up routine?
Would you like to know what clothes to buy that suit you or how to maximise your wardrobe and save money?
Do you need assistance with organizing your wardrobe?

Corporate   Are you an organization in need of aligning employees professional image to represent your organisation? Would you like your employees to improve their image in business attire and make up?

Nou Koncept will work with you to discover the best colours, accessories, style and make up to suit your brand.  As a service, we will offer personal or corporate workshops for make up and wardrobe lifestyle solutions that work for you.  Our philosophy is simple, discover your authentic and unique brand.  Contact Us

Corporate Heelz eProfiler

Nou Koncept is a contributor to Corporate Heelz eProfiler with a column dedicated to styling and make up. Corporate Heelz is for career focused and business-minded women to connect, enlighten inspire and empower each other to climb the corporate/entrepreneurial ladder .

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