Trained by the Australian Institute of Styling and Sydney College of Make Up Art Kapesa Singogo Smith Chatterjee (MCOM, BSc, HDA, A+, MCP, TSIA) founded Nou Koncept – Stylist : Make Up : Lifestyle.


NOU KONCEPT – Stylist: Make Up: Lifestyle started much earlier for me than I realized. I have come from a household where everyone has their own  unique style. You could not leave the house looking in a way, which was less than acceptable. Regardless of the occasion you would be certain to get unsolicited recommendation shortly before stepping foot out of the door.


I have always been passionate about Information Systems and Technology, and inquisitive about the world evolving around us. For this reason, I studied Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology then Masters of Commerce in Information Systems and Technology to be part of the bandwagon that could make a positive impact in the world. I have been privileged to work in reputable organisations such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, UBS Investment Bank, Taleo and Oracle Corporation. I often asked myself, “In an able-bodied frame, how can I use my abilities for the goodness of mankind?” As much as it’s inevitable how much IT has impacted on the world and my career, there was a desire in me to help people and see direct results.

I felt a great passion for personal and corporate fashion styling and makeup as this calls for an expression of creativity in a way that would help others. Being able to see the impact, that helping someone on how to better manage themselves has, is priceless and breathtaking! Like every other journey, Nou Koncept has its own challenges. However, I am passionate about what I am doing so I have  risen above them and managed to stay focused on the goal.

Nou Koncept since 2012

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