Have you ever seen a lipstick colour you like, bought and applied it, and the colour didn’t look quite like the model in the magazine?

One of the reasons for this is that most women have a darker upper lip and slight pinkish/reddish bottom lip. So what this means for most of us when it com

es to applying lipstick, we get an uneven tone between upper and lower lip.

Make Up artist Tip: Invest in a lip liner the same shade of colour as your lipstick.

1. Prep your lips with balm
2. Apply the pencil all over your lips to get an even tone on upper and lower lips.
3. Then apply the lipstick on top of the lip pencil colour.
4. Add a dab of gloss if preferred.

Let us know what how you go!

Have a luscious Thursday!

Kapesa Singogo Smith Chatterjee
Nou Koncept, Founder


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