Sweat stain prevention

Underarms sweat stains happens to many in the most un-inviting way. It could arise from nerves pending an important work meeting or interview; being overweight; excessive intake of carbonated drinks /sodas etc. Whatever the case, it does very little in contributing to positive body image.

Question is, how can we prevent this from occurring? One very simple tip: Wear breathable undergarments such as a 100% cotton vest /singlet for men or cotton camisoles for women to prevent sweat reaching your shirt or dress.

Also ensure that you always use antiperspirant especially if you suffer from excessive sweating. This is different from deodorant which masks odors. Antiperspirant labeled clinical – strength will be more effective in cutting down sweat production.

Remember to apply antiperspirant to dry skin only – and do not be afraid to apply in other areas where you experience excessive sweat such as legs or feet.

The tips to underarm sweat stains prevention are endless. Please feel free to comment, LIKE or SHARE any additional tips!



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