Eyebrows frame the face and add to your body image

When it comes to body image, ladies and gentlemen, keep in mind that EYEBROWS frame the face, adding to our overall body image.

So, much thought should go into how we choose to groom them. Yes gentlemen I am talking to you as well! Just as much as you make time for shaving, or cutting other facial hairs, eyebrows should be on the list too for a trim and shape especially …

: Extremely bushy brows
: Protruding hair that appear as if they’d poke someone in the eye
: Hairs that drop down to form a ‘fringe’ over your eye lids ๐Ÿ˜‰
Oh the uproar! I know most of our conventional man believes that this is only for girls. But as more men became aware of the importance of body image, and what their bodies say about them without speaking, adding grooming to their TO-DO list.

Don’t knock it until your try it. You might just love it! Just remember the technique mentioned below ๐Ÿ˜‰ Read on.

A client asks, “I have a situation with my eyebrows. My natural brows have a terrible shape. They droop downwards at a very unusual position about half way through my face. As a result, I pluck them completely and just draw my own. I would like to have natural brows but they do not seem to ‘listen’ to me. I am not a good artist and so sometimes mess them up which I call ‘eyebrow malfunctions’.

I would like to see your views and of course other ladies’ view on eyebrows.”

My VIEW begins with Cindy Crawford illustrating how eyebrows frame the face. Please note that this is by no means intended to make individuals that cannot grow eyebrows feel bad in any way!

The reality is that there is very few of us with a perfectly shaped natural /virgin eyebrows. For the rest of us, if we grew ours to their bushy state would literally transform our faces.

So how do people manage to get what appears to be perfect brows?
Understand the following technique as a guideline:

Again, referring to the illustration on the top right, notice the following positions: Begin brow, Point of Arch (aligned with outer pupil) and End brow

There is no secret to this. It just takes PRACTICE!

img src | google

img src | google


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