Matching makeup and outfit like a PRO

As a stylist and makeup artist, I often heard other professionals say, “Matching eye shadow to outfit, tacky!” Blue eye shadow and a blue dress; red eye shadow and red dress …the list is endless. Basically, you do not want to look either outdated or wear your makeup as an accessory because it is not. Matching your eye shadow to outfit, if done incorrectly, can a beauty-fail!

TIP 1: When matching your eye shadow to your outfit ensure that the rest of the face is kept muted, natural with nudes, beige-tones that are suitable. Tip 2: Remember that black eye shadow on black outfit is a winner! However, for colours such as blue, purple, green, if you attempt to wear the same eye shadow colour as outfit, your eye shadow and outfit will be in competition for attention. Tip 3: Instead, ensure that you use a subtle /soft wash shade  of the same colour. Tip 4: Opt for complimentary colours such as brown and pink, gold/yellow and purple. Tip 5: If you are wearing silver or gold, don’t be afraid to add some sparkle to your makeup too.

What are your thoughts on matching makeup with your outfit?

Matching eye shadow and outfit

Matching eye shadow and outfit | Styling and Makeup by Nou Koncept


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