White Shirt – Wardrobe Staple

White shirt a wardrobe is staple. It is the best from your basics on which you build your wardrobe. This information is for both men and women business professional wear. Every one can wear a white formal shirt either crisp-white or cream-white. Usually not both.

I have always loved a white shirt. It’s a must-have in my wardrobe. I can either wear it formal on a pencil skirt and heels to work, and this same look can be taken from the office to after work dinner or drinks. Ladies, you can add a bold /statement necklace to glam up for the evening too!

I fell in love -all -over -again with white shirt when I saw Meryl Streep wearing one.  See image below.  With her silver /grey hairstyle doesn’t it make you look forward to aging but also it’s a gentle reminder to women who are 40 and over to embrace their age and discover their unique and authentic brand. After all, life has just began!

I also favour white shirt in a men’s wardrobe for office. Paired with a red or blue tie means authority. The same can be worn, without the tie, but with a jacket /blazer and loafers to work cocktail taking the look from office to-night outing.

Men and women, enjoy your white shirts with:

Black formal skirt and pants suit
On denim for casual Friday
Under a cardigan or striped blazer

It is an all-purpose purchase. And remember that you can never have too many white shirts!

Share how you wear your white shirt to work?

White Shirt

White Shirt | Img Src Google


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