Beauty starts from within, with the right undergarments

Beauty starts from within and so does a good body image, with the right undergarments  (that is, briefs, boxers, y-fronts, knitted boxers, relaxed fit boxers, boxer-brief, knickers, panties, lingerie, body-shapers, spandex, petticoat, ‘bombasa’  etc). This is the foundation of every man and woman’s dress routine. So investing in good undergarments should be first on the list of shopping.

I came across a post asking how often should undergarments be replaced? If you followed the post on “A closet full of stuff, not enough room to let new stuff in” you will notice that similar rules apply for both men and women.  A tear, rip, fray, or elastic that has seen better days in undergarments signals that it’s time to toss them. However, it’s advisable to replace undergarments every 4-6 months period.

To ensure longevity and convenience it is practical to own a minimum of at least 10 pairs of underwear, one for every day of the week including weekends and a few for emergencies. Underwear should never be stretched over two days as it carries a lot of fecal matter or bacteria that may not be visible to the naked eye. Remember that hygiene plays an important role in building your body image.

Ensure that you are wearing the right undergarments by choosing the right size. A general rule is that your underwear should be the same size as your waist. Remember to choose undergarments that compliment you. This will affect how good you look once you have your whole outfit on.

Choosing the right fabric is essential. Cotton is your best bet as it is breathable. It absorbs better to keep you cool and dry.

Wearing the right colour under fabric is important. Wear flesh tone colour under white or creams colour clothes. White underwear in white trousers doesn’t work as much as a pink bra under a white shirt.


Briefs offer great support. Boxers are very comfortable but do not offer as much compact support. Carrying out some research, I interviewed a group to give one word for the following:

Briefs – hurt, firm
Boxers – relaxed, loose
Y-fronts – oh no! Pinch, tiiiiiight
Knitted boxers – Comfy
Relaxed fit boxers – flowy
Boxer-brief – too short


Depending on your body shape, ensure that you are wearing correct lingerie – seamless, padded, shaper etc. A bra with under-wire offers better support and padded bra should be worn to add volume. Overall ensure that you are wearing the right fit. Not too loose as this can cause posture problems. If unsure, get fitting for the right size. Support garments such as body shapers are your best friend!

Remember that wearing the right undergarments can give you the extra confidence too 😉

Undergarments for men and women | img src Polvore

Undergarments for men and women | img src Polvore


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