Red, for office?

Dressing for Success means wearing appropriate clothing.

Is RED appropriate colour for professional business wear? In the past red colour for women especially has given the reputation of the wearer being scandalous or bad news! In the western culture or Christianity associates the colour red with sin. Also people who wear red are depicted as ruthless, someone who would do anything to get what they want. However, in Chinese culture red is a positive colour and is associated with money, good luck and fertility.

So you always had to be careful about what your choice of colour is saying to those around about your body image.

Globalization has changed the way red colour is depicted. Red exhibits Power and Wealth. For men, a red tie has been known to work as a ‘power’ tie. Whilst this colour works for high status executives or job positions that require negotiation, this colour like any other very bold colour will certainly not work for either men or women at job interviews, funerals, black tie events or during Christmas if your goal is to make a statement. For women, a red dress to the office doesn’t have to be inappropriate. Just make sure it’s the right length, cut and fit.

Ladies and gentlemen, ensure you wear the correct shade of red that compliments your skin tone. There’s two types of red. Reds that appear as if they have yellow and those that appear as if they have blue. If you a larger in size then opt for darker shades of these tones of red.

Ladies, if you are going to wear a red dress to the office, use it as canvas to build upon.

Wear black, brown or nude shoes.
Make sure your accessories compliments your shoes.
Keep your accessories very basic /simple.
Add layers such as a dark coloured blazer, jacket or scarfs to down play the bold colour.

Just remember to dress for business, not for pleasure!

Red - Professional Business wear options | Img scr Polyvore

Red – Professional Business wear options | Img scr Polyvore


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