Travel, ever wondered what clothes to pack for a business trip?

Packing luggage

Travel, ever wondered what clothes to pack for a business trip? Researching on your destination climate and culture or local customs will assist you in better planning for the trip. Plan for inclement weather too. Also, finding out before hand what events you be required to participate in will help you plan the different outfits for these activities.

When traveling for a business trip, you want to travel light. Travel light means packing for carry-on luggage. A bag that is  22″ x 13″ x 9″ will meet the standard airline requirements for carry on luggage. Samsonite or Tumi brands are pricey but worth the investment. A good business bag is simple and dark. Opt for sombre colours such as black, charcoal gray, and navy blue.

Light travel is fast travel and this will save you time. You do not have to queue up for your luggage and there is slim or no chance of your luggage getting lost.

Here are some things to consider when  packing clothes for a business trip:

Mixing and matching is the best method when travelling light. Here, you should pack shirts, skirts and pants that you can coordinate and switch back and forth between the suit jacket and a couple of cardigan sweaters, alternating them with the rest of the travel clothes. Your shirts, skirts and pants should be in neutral colours (i.e. grey, black, brown, or blue) to easily match every other item such as ties, shoes, belt, accessories. Avoid pleats or patterned styles.  

Wrinkle-resistant blazers /jackets, suit pants, shirts, and skirts are ideal for travel. Opt for stretchy fabric such as Lycra or Spandex and other fabrics such as wool and synthetics over 100% cotton or linen. A stretchy fabric means that travel clothes won’t have to be ironed and will hold up after a day of meetings.

Bring an extra shirt. If you only require 3-shirts for the duration of your business trip, then carry an extra shirt in case of unexpected or ink stains.

Wear appropriate and comfortable business shoes. Also carry a single pair of shoes that are appropriate for both business and causal wear.

Jeans are great for touristy, business casual or night out when paired with appropriate top. However, ladies you will never go wrong with a LBD (Little Black Dress) to take you from day to-night.

There should be enough socks and undergarments for each day of travel, and an extra pair in case of runs, rips or tears.

Make up should be kept simple and include foundation, concealer, eye liner, mascara and lipstick. Additional items might include eye shadow and blush.

Accessories includes essential items such as belts, hats, ties, gloves, sun glasses, hair and tie accessories. Jewelry should also be kept to a minimum with a simple pair of earrings,  a watch and one necklace that match all coordination of outfits packed for the business trip.

Sample Packing List for Frequent Business Travelers:

      • Suits, dark worsted wool
        Leather dress belt with a small metal buckle

      • White cotton dress shirt (point or spread collar, not button-down)

      • Light-colored or white with light patterning dress shirt (any collar style)

      • Neckties, conservative colors with light patterning
        White cotton or linen pocket square (if you use these). Colored cotton square (can complement, but not match, your neckties)
        Cufflinks and tie clips/chains/pins if needed
        Toiletries (preferably in a travel kit)
        Blazer or business-appropriate sports jacket
        Wool or cotton slacks, skirts any business-appropriate color
        One extra white shirt (alternate with the other and launder as needed)
        One necktie per day as needed
        Black oxford dress shoes or women classic heels. Casual leather shoes (or sport shoes if you anticipate gym time)
        One pair of underwear /undergarments per day
        One undershirt per day
        One pair of socks per da

      • (match to trouser colors)  

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If you exercise do not forget to pack your favourite gym outfit, PJ’s and electric devices such as universal power adapter*, charger, curling iron or shaver


What to pack for business trip | Img Src


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