Office dress code, in general

What is appropriate for office dress code, in general?

Well, it depends on your organization, occupation, and whether you are in direct contact with external clients or in a back /hidden office. Nou Koncept has a general focus around professional corporate environment.

If you are wondering what the dress code is where you are currently working, the first thing you can do is to review the organization’s dress code policy. Remember that you are physically representing the organization’s image too, so dress accordingly. This also includes ensuring that your hair, nails, face, accessories etc are appropriate.

When I relocated to Sydney, I was standing outside one of the most reputable investment Organizations in Australia called Macquarie Bank. When the clock struck 5 p. M I noticed that every single man and woman who walked out of the building was wearing a well-tailored pants or skirt suit paired with a good paid of male loafers or ladies heels. I was in awe of the professional image of each person and collectively, one got the idea of the type of organization this was.

For client facing role, remember that external customers get a “first impression” about organization based on how the individual represent themselves. So ensure that you wear appropriate and professional business wear.

Office dress code, appropriate

Wearing clothes that cover you up
Wearing slacks, pants and suit pants.

Wearing dresses, skirts and suit skirts that fall just above the knees or below.
Wearing formal shirts, tops, blouses and jackets.
Wearing closed-toe shoes that project a sense of professionalism. Sneakers do not qualify.
Keeping make up simple and facial hair trimmed and tidy.
Keeping hair cuts and hairstyles stylish but subdued. No hats with the exception of religious or traditional head covers.
Wearing ironed clothes!
Wearing perfume with restraint as some colleagues may be allergic to chemicals in them.
Wear accessories that enhance your personality and not diminish your credibility.

Office dress code, inappropriate

Showing too much skin or wearing over-revealing clothes that distract other employees.
Wearing casual footwear such as Slippers, Flip flops,  Thongs.
Wearing extremely short skirts, mid-thigh or minis.
Wearing shirts with offensive signs, slogans or words or tops that shows body tattoos or piercing.
Wearing excessive jewellery or facial piercing.
Wearing loud colours or prints

Remember, to always project a professional image as an individual but also for the organization that you represent.

Here are a few options:

Business Attire Options for Women | Men

Business Attire Options for Women | Men | Img Src Google


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