What are your thoughts about excessive ear piercing and tattoos especially in a professional environment?

Tattoos and Excessive piercing

I grew up understanding that the US Air force were very strict not to admit, in certain positions, individuals with Tattoos or excessive piercing. Over the years, perhaps things may have changed a little but it was interesting to find this article, “Air Force senior leaders here have taken steps to ensure Air Force dress and personal appearance standards are applied consistently across the service. “It’s about enforcing and maintaining Air Force standards,” said Lt. Gen. Richard Y. Newton III, the deputy chief of staff for manpower and personnel. “Our focus is to ensure our Airmen uphold a professional military image no matter the environment; whether at their home-base, Basic Military Training, or in a joint deployed environment.” http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123181037

I appreciate that in this day and age everyone is really at liberty to do with their image as they see fit.  But when it comes to tattoos and excessive piercing, what does that really say about our professional image? Take time to review the picture below and share your thoughts …

What does piercing and tattoos say about a person’s professional image?
Do they have any impact on the way others (we) are perceived as professionals?
What are your thoughts about excessive ear piercing especially in a professional environment?

Tattoos and ear piercing

Tattoos and ear piercing | Img Src Google


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