White suit for business wear. Yes, No?

A White Suit

…can be devilishly stylish like Tony Montana in Scarface or deadly stylish like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. White suits are incredibly Powerful. They make a person look confident, knowledgeable and sophisticated, and intelligent and intriguing. A white suit completely transforms a person’s image to take them seriously.

It is important to dress appropriately for any occasion. So this raises question whether a white suit it a suitable business wear. Is it?

Whilst the white suit is suited to summer season and outdoor day events. Ladies and Gentlemen a white suit should not be treated as a work or business suit because it is not.

If you work in corporate organization such as a law firm white is not traditional business suit colour.  Lawyers, bankers, accountants and other professionals in corporate environment will stick to dark suit colours to project confidence and authority!

Also, if you are a graduate attending a job interview, the organization will be more interested in your skill and experience rather than your sense of fashion. If you wear a white suit to an interview or meeting and meet a more mature or conservative person (HR), they may not be able to understand or take you seriously for that matter.

In other cases, wearing a white suit to a business meeting is considered appealing and suggest that you are a person in position of power, fame and wealth. And if you are in a less conservative and more creative professional environment such as advertising, marketing etc then wearing a white suit can be the exception.

How can you wear a white suit as business wear?

Pair with

Soft pastel (light blues, lilac) shirt or white with pinpoint collar
Block shirt and skinny tie
Shoes of a darker shade like black or brown
Men – formal loafers
Women – classic pump /stilettos

Here are a few exceptions not the rule:

White for business wear

White for business wear – creative professional environment | Img Src Polyvore


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