General guideline for that perfect shoe-fit

“Clothes make the man but shoes make the woman”

In my opinion for both men and women, shoes can work for or against your professional or business image.

It is very important to:

Choose shoes that will bring your best features forward, in addition to comfort and quality!
Get the best value for your budget.
Invest in shoes that you can wear often, and over range of style options for work.
Make a professional statement not unprofessional distraction with your shoes.

Also, when purchasing shoes consider your body type and height with the exceptional of the size of your calves, the length of your clothes, etcetera (not covered in this post).

GENERAL guidelines for body type and height.

If you are:

Tall, and have small feet – opt for pointy-toe shoes. 
Tall, and have large feet – opt for square-toe shoes.
Petite and /curvy – opt for a shoe colour closer to your skin tone like nude, brown etc to elongate your silhouette


Big /muscular calves – opt for platform pumps or super pointed heels with at least a 3-4 inch heel.
Thin /small calves – opt for shoes with ankle strap to give the illusion of bigger calves or shorter legs 

And remember ladies that no matter how hard you try, flat shoes never appear in the same sentence with sexy! Always opt for heels to add that va-va-voom to your silhouette

Power options for business wear | Img Scr Kenneth Cole NY

Power options for business wear | Img Scr Kenneth Cole NY


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