Stripes … it’s all a play on optical illusion

Horizontal and Vertical Stripes in Business Casual Wear

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You won’t go wrong! There is always a top or bottom for each body type, male or female. Dare to separate yourself with stripes from plain or solid colours!

Vertical stripes are considered more stylish than horizontal. Think Pinstripes! These narrower lines make you appear taller or thinner by streamlining the figure. Horizontal stripes are more casual and suited to add volume to frames.

It is recommended to pair stripes with a solid colour. Otherwise, stripes on stripes can easily cross to unflattering!

However, if you must insist on stripes on stripes “make sure that both patterns have something in common like color or has width variation.”

Colour is another factor to consider when choosing stripes. Avoid complimentary colours like blue-orange, red-green. It is a bold look (bravo!) but tough on the eyes. remember, “It’s all a play on optical illusion”

Here are some of my favourite options for business casual. What do you think?

Stripes in business casual wear

Horizontal and vertical stripes in business casual wear | Img scr: Polyvore

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