Men, women high waist fashion

Client asked “Can I wear high-waist pants?”

She has the perfect body shape for this style of pants I answered ‘most-definitely!’ Plus high-waist pants are comfortable. They make the legs look longer and skinny. You don’t see a person’s butt crack like low-cut pants and usually when you find a great fitting pair, you can tuck in and flatten your stomach. Take caution to find the right fit because if you are heavy around the stomach, you can bulge at an unattractive spot. Ideally, pair your pants with heels, a fitted tucked in top, and thin belt and you will achieve a long and lean appearance. However, this is not universally flattering because these pants are designed for body shapes that are boyish frame like runway model or women that have their upper and lower body in proportion otherwise known as the hourglass or think of figure 8! So … If you have wide hips make sure your pants flare at the bottom to balance your hips as these pants tend to focus on that area. Also check that the pockets or folds are in the right places and do not accentuate any part of your body in the wrong places. If you are short or petite, have your pants tailored so they don’t cover your entire foot.

Can men wear high waist pants? Absolutely! Here’s how for both men and women:

High-waist pants

High-waist pants Men img Src: Styleforum | Women img src: polyvore

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